"The Last Drop" Humoristinen lyhytelokuva tukkiutuneesta ketsuppipurkista.

Mainosvideo Entisöinti- ja maalaustyöt Ville Lammelle. 

Markkinointivideo lasitaitelija Marja Hepo-ahon "Syntyminen" näyttelylle.

Mainosvideo yrityskehitys- ja tilitoimisto JPondille.


Olen Juhamatti Vahdersalo, tuttavallisemmin Junnu, kansainvälisesti palkittu kuvaaja Orivedeltä. Toteutan niin isoja kuin pieniä yritys-, mainos- ja henkilökuvauksia joissa tarinat ovat pääosassa. Kuvaan pääosin pirkanmaalla mutta helposti liikuteltava kalusto mahdollistaa kuvaukset koko Suomen alueella.

INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - 1st prize in Advertising, conceptual category
European Professional Photographer Of The Year 2019 - FEP
GOLDEN CAMERA – FEP European Professional Photographer Of The Year 2019, digital art category

SILVER - Finnish Photo Awards 2019, classical portrait category
BRONZE - Finnish Photo Awards 2019, commercial category
BRONZE CAMERA – FEP European Professional Photographer Of The Year 2018, digital art category
FINALIST (Top 10) – FEP European Professional Photographer Of The Year 2018, commercial category
Fotofinlandia 2018, 2-sija Mainoskuva kategoria
FINALIST (Top 10) – FEP European Professional Photographer Of The Year 2017, portrait category 


ChromaLuxe alumiinitaulu

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30,5 x 45,7 cm : 200€

40 x 60 cm : 250€

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80 x 120 cm : 450€

Pakkaus- ja toimituskulut: 20€

ChromaLuxe Metalprint -taulu on erikoiskalvolla pinnoitettu metallilevy, joka on kestävä ja jolla on uskomaton kyky toistaa värejä. Tauluissa on ripustusta varten oma lista. Taulut valmistaa ja toimittaa Color-Kolmio. (https://www.colorkolmio.fi/)

Täytä tauluvaihtoehtojen alla oleva lomake tulostuskyselyä varten tai lähetä minulle sähköpostia suoraan osoitteeseen: juhamatti.vahdersalo@gmail.com


Stories behind photos

There is something I want to tell you about...



“Politricks is the word ‘politics’ altered to convey the empty-campaign promises often experienced after politicians get elected.”

About a year ago I had this thought of making a picture from this word. I needed a suitable location and model that looked like a politician and had no problem to come and act one. Finding the right location was quite challenging because many of the locations were actively used by political organizations and obviously the content of the image does not flatter this activity so I had to find a sufficiently neutral place for the photoshoot.

After I found a model to act the politician and the location, I started sketching the photo in Photoshop and build the props needed for the photo. Long noses were tricky one, at first I thought I use some kind of latex noses that I could buy from costume stores but then I figured out that Styrofoam could do the trick, it’s easy to shape and after coating it with water-based paint I sprayed little bit of lacquer to it to make it bubble and that way create the illusion of skin pores.

The lectern was simply made from glulam tabletop that I had and because I knew from which angle I was going to shoot the photo I needed to make it whole from one side only. The only props that I needed in addition to the previous ones were some blank paper and posters that I could finish in Photoshop by adding the “campaign” photo to them.

Because of the time we had in the location both models were photographed separately. This way I didn’t need so many lights and could work fast and efficiently. The lights I used in this photoshoot were two Godox AD360s, a Godox V1 and a Nikon SB24. The politician was photographed with three lights with a rectangular softbox, one with a honeycomb straight from the top, one from the right and one light on the left side of the model. I wanted the cleaner to be a bit in the shadows so I used two softboxes right behind and in front of her.

After the models were photographed I took a couple of shots from the scene with one flashlight in different places around the scene. The last thing of the photoshoot in the location was to take the “campaign” portrait from the politician and it was a wrap. The whole photoshoot was done in 2 hours.

In the post, I made the politician nose longer, removed lines from the floor, combined the shots into one, and added little details like sawdust on the politician’s jacket, campaign posters to the walls and papers on the floor.

Behind the scenes of the
Organ trade

FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2019

Amazing weekend.  I won both the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2019 and also illustration / digital art category. Austria were beautiful and the ceremony was amazing! Thank you all who work hard to make these competitions and awards happen! 

You can find more information from here: https://www.europeanphotographers.eu/

I imagined Radical Zombie Vegan And Created A Photo Out Of It. 

It has been said that meat consumption should decrease by 90% in the West if we want to avoid dangerous climate warming. And because all of us should be involved to achieve this goal, I of course decided to invite zombies to join in the effort of combating climate change.

Surprisingly there are many vegetables that have similarities in shape and textures to our human innards, so the first thing I did when started this project was to find proper lookalike innards with a vegan twist in them.

And this kitchen came with two zombies: my sister and her husband. My wife did the makeup for both of them and I enhanced the details of the zombie faces in Photoshop.

All the stickers and posters were added in post as well, as was the light bulb above the table.

This article was also published on Petapixel


I Imagined How Holy Duct Tape Is Made And Created A Photo Out Of It

The long planned image finally came true when the right location and props were found in the same place. The restoration carpenter Ville Lammi’s workshop is a true treasure trove and, as a sincere helper, he offered not only to model but also offered perfect location and objects for the picture.

The idea for the picture was born a couple of years ago when we threw thoughts on various religious topics together with Ville. Here in Finland they call Duct-tape “Jeesus-teippi” which means (you guessed it right) Jesus-Tape. Rough sketch of the picture has also been done in photoshop long time before photoshoot so I knew that it will work as soon as the location and props are found.

Because the budget is limited and it is difficult to borrow large amounts of duct tape, I decided to make the rolls myself. These fake taperolls were created by sawing cardboard tubes to little pieces and wrapping a piece of tape around them, finishing touch for the top of the rolls I made in post-process. The Savior’s outfit with wig was purchased from a local shop selling mascot suits, and the rest of the items of the image was managed by Ville´s stocks.

In the photo I used two Godox AD360 flashes and a pair of Nikon SB24 hand flashes. Lightmodifier above the model was Godox parabolic 90cm softbox, on the left side of the model Godox 50 x 70 softbox with grid and from above directly pointed to models face was handflash with snoot. One flash is behind the model without a light modifier pointing to the hair. The smoke in the picture was done with a small smokemachine.

When the main picture was taken, I moved the tape rolls on the floor and took separate photos of them. This way I could easily increase the number of rolls by finally combining the pictures in Photoshop.

In post-treatment, in addition to general cleaning and adding more rollers, I also added sparks, glow and motion to spinning wheel, as well as labels on the sides of cardboard boxes.

Suomenkielinen versio löytyy Kamera-koulun sivuilta.


I Made Characters Out Of Groceries And Created Story Around Them

Before shooting this series, I saw a documentary about how different groceries are made. Big factories with endless assembly lines and hundreds of machines handling the products from start to end. It was quite interesting to watch how the products change their appearance completely from start to finish. An idea was born to create alternative ways of making these same groceries. And when you add just a drop of humanity to it, I think that’s a story.

Groceries are food (really??). They have no persona (you sure??). How do you create a story around them that creates a character to these lifeless pieces of healthy little things? These were thoughts in my head when I opened my refrigerator when brainstorming themes for my upcoming project… so I picked corns, cucumbers, tomatoes etc. and started sketching.

My garage is full of pieces of wood and plastic. That’s my huge treasure chest when I’m starting to create all kinds of props. If I don’t have the exact piece, I planned on using, I still usually have something to replace it. Having this “box of tools” means I don’t have to think about buying materials to start creating. That’s a big thing for me, especially if I suddenly have some free time or some instant inspiration that demands to be created.

Like my usual work, the props here are made of wood and plastic. They are by no means perfect or detailed, but they work well enough for me and my story. When I create a scene, I already know what I can in postprocessing, so I don’t have to worry too much about little details. This way, I keep the whole construction process efficient and don’t have to use more than a day for the entire process: props and scene creation to finished photo.

The whole process starts with sketches. I use the photoshop to draw the different ideas that are in my head so I can see if they work in “real life”. When the sketch is done, I start building the props and the scene. Construction is the part that takes most of the time. Then I shoot a couple of frames (3-5 photos) with different light setups. I usually use one flash with a beauty dish and a grid, so I have good control of the light. I then combine these differently-lit frames in photoshop and add the details that were too intricate in real life, or easier to create in post.

The name for this series came with the idea of gross ways making groceries…Grossceries

This story was featured on Diyphotography, Boredpanda, Fstoppers, 121clicks and also published on Kamera-magazine


Huge weekend behind. There was couple of competitions that I participated in last year and the results of those were published last weekend. I am so happy to say that I collected commercial categorys second place in the biggest photocompetition in Finland called Fotofinlandia that is is held once every two years.

I also won the bronze camera in digital art / illustrative category in FEP professional photographer of the year 2018. In the same competition I was in 9th place in commercial category. 


I’m a creative minded person and feel very frustrated when the creativity strikes and I have nothing to photograph. This was the main reason I started making these cardboard models.

I thought of all the everyday home items that could be used for creating figures. I found the boxes we used when we moved into our home are still in our garage. They had also “nice” package symbols on them which gave me a couple of ideas of the story that could be created around them and also ended up using them concretely on two of my pictures.

I use a multilayer lightning technique when photographing these scenes. It gives me much more control in post and I can correct the mood of the light if the background required it. When I have all the necessary photos taken I combine them in Photoshop and add a background that I have photograph myself or take from stock and modify to fit in the story/feeling.

I’m very happy with the results. They all have a story around them and you can create it on your own terms of imagination. I see and feel something sad but romantic and also hopeful in them, all the ingredients of drama. Creative mind satisfied… for now.

This article was published on Diyphotography.net
And Featured on:
PetaPixel.com: https://petapixel.com/2017/11/20/photographer-builds-subjects-cardboard/
Fstoppers.com: https://fstoppers.com/diy/cardboard-turned-photo-art-203320
Creativeboom.com: https://www.creativeboom.com/inspiration/miniature-cardboard-models-that-are-photographed-to-look-like-the-real-thing/

It’s Just A Lego: I Create Lego Compositions That Let You Guess The Stories Behind Them

As almost all artist I also like and try to create art that makes you think. The main idea in my work is that the viewer decides what is the story behind the artwork, I only give hints and paths to get lost.

There is something that makes you think twice when seeing something familiar from your childhood to do horrible things. The toys that made your imagination fly and create world of stories around them feel usually safe and have warm memories around them. What if we make them do some nasty weird things, what kind of feeling do you get?

That was the main point when creating these murderous “It´s just a Lego!” scenarios.

This article was fetured / published on Boredpanda.com


Some people say they look like angels falling from heaven and some see them going up. I however see it as a commercial poster that I was asked to create for the PoleFlow Ladies.

A charter member of the Ladies contacted me and asked that could I take new potraits of the group because of the old ones have been there for a while and needed some upgrade. They didn´t have any idea how it should look and trusted my vision so I had “carte blanche” to create this artwork.

My first thought was that I just make trendy series of flour flying in the air to emphasize the movement of the dancers and that I actually did. However on the way home I had an idea to combine this serie of portraits to one piece of digital artwork where this pole-dancing group is surrounded by clouds and having their show on the top of the skylines.

As I published it, turned out that many of the viewer related it to religion in a way or another. Some said it is sinful piece of a work and some of them think its liberating. Later on I have realized that this picture does have a creative contrast between religious / spiritual thoughts and is also sophisticated way to create vision for the viewers of this not so traditional “pole-dancer” group.

But in the end, its just a beautiful poster of talented pole-dancers..



It´s great to have an idea that gives you a good laugh. When I get these ideas I write them down and let them be a while. Then if it makes me giggle later on also I usually make a sketch / drawing it to see if it could work as a photo also.

Idea for this photo came when my friend saw a digital art photo that he think was made quite poorly. "The result of a badly photoshopped picture looks always like that boy fishing from the moon." was his comment of this photo. I don´t hate or see that the Dreamworks logo is poorly made but he for some reason does.

So becouse of the hate he had for this little innocent character I thought it would be quite dark and also hilarious to get rid of "him" in a environment that gives somekind of reason or purpose to this cruel act... in a funny way ofcourse.

So far it still was all clear and amusing to me so I started to create the composition. I asked my father to be the "hunter" and my son to act the deadly role of little moon boy. Ofcourse they said yes and I took photos and carried out the rest of the plan by combining all the elements in photoshop.

When the work was done I rested my eyes for a while. As I sat down to look the final photo again the "WTF" - feeling hit me. The result looked disturbed but funny at the same time... sure I did know from the beginning that the idea was odd but It still made me confused. Many people have described this exact feelings when they have seen some of my works and for the first time I understand.



Few days ago I was asked to take one-year-old photos of this little gentleman. This incredible fast fellow was full of curiosity and every item and place seemed to be mind-blowingly interesting from his point of view.

I took couple of basic portraits of him and everyone was happy. As I started to edit these photos I noticed that despite his very young age, imagination was already running wildly. Exploring his teddybears figures by touching its nose and mouth and making it stand on its own while wondering around it, replicating noises and looking it from different angles. I had no clue what this game or play with his toy was all about... this game that even one year old could play and understand.

I then decided that my goal was to "restart" my own imagination and make a world that would have somekind of a story around him. So I chose one "accidentally" taken photo of him when he was playing around and started creating.

This is what I ended up with. One side of the photo has a dry and decading landscape representing aging, weakening imagination as the opposite side turns to be more "fresh" and vital describing curious, healthy creativity like childs have. Because playing is learning and the best way to maintain our imagination I added toys around scene and placed grass growing footsteps around them to remind us not to look things always from the same perspective.

So to understand why kids have such a great time while playing remember to restart your imagination once a while

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